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Sumeet Bazaar is Retail Brand face of Sumeet Synfab India Private Limited. The parent company deals in Wholesale of all variety of Textiles, Garments, Home furnishing, Household and Luggage Products. Sumeet Synfab is one of the biggest wholesale trader in the region of Chhattisgarh, Orissa And Vidarbh. All the above mentioned products are also supplied to the retail stores which is known as  “Sumeet Bazaar”. The main aim of Sumeet Bazaar is to fulfill the demand of mass population of the region at lowest reasonable prices, which is possible because of healthy wholesale background. Sumeet Synfab and Sumeet Bazaar was founded by Late Mr. Bhanwarlal Kankariya and his son Suresh Chand Kankariya in the year 1984, when they opened their first outlet in Baijnathpara(Raipur). That time Both Retail and Wholesale practices were used to be done at the same premises. Now in 2018 Sumeet Synfab has a 1 Lakh sq ft ware house for supplying products to both wholesale customers and retail branches. Sumeet Bazaar is the biggest retail chain stores in the central India.  At present there are around 40 retail outlets and by the year 2019, the target is to cross 50 mark. Company’s recent target is to cover all areas of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa and after that will expand it to another state. Company has a strong core team comprising 9 members- Suresh Chand Kankariya, Ashok Kankariya, Vijay Kankariya, Ajit Kankariya, Pawan Kankariya, Nameet Kankariya, Sumeet Kankariya, Piyush Kankariya, and Sanyam Kankariya. All of the members are expertise in their fields which helps to give the consumer best product, best quality and at lowest Reasonable prices. At present comapany has above 1500 employees and thousand of loyal customers in every part of Central India

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Our Four pillars

Ajit Kankariya

Managing Director, Sumeet Synfab

The great Albert Einstein had said ``A person never who made a mistake never tried anything new``

These days, companies believe in hiding their flaws and justifying their mistakes. But companies are made up of people and human beings make mistakes. We Sumeet want to remain and open and accept criticism that can lead to our improvement. An honest relationship with customers is first step towards success

Suresh Chand Kankariya

Chairman Sumeet Group

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

At Sumeet, you will always find good vibes around our stores. We try to maintain a healthy connection with our valuable customers, as they are king of the market. We promise to deliver the right fashion at the right time and earn trust and loyalty against it.

Vijay Kankariya

Managing Director, Sumeet Group

Ratan Tata once said, ``I don't believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.' Decisions should be made according to your vibes and then you should work hard enough to justify it.

Sumeet is a combination of thousands people, which are working continuously for betterment of the organization. The rapid transaction which the group has seen in last years is only possible because of the team effort.

Ashok Kankariya

Managing Director, Sumeet Group

It is easy for people to respect you if you have things which they like.but true respect is when they don't really like about you and yet. you do something that makes them bow in respect.

In India, Most people are against innovation. they don't like people trying something new and don't like anyone having big vision. But we at,Sumeet want fearless in our approach and want to provide best quality products for customers .

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